Client Overview:

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM) School, a leading educational institution, embarked on a digital journey with our agency four years ago. Focused on providing holistic education, SSRVM recognized the importance of social media in connecting with parents, students, and the community.

Initial Engagement:

In 2018, SSRVM School entrusted us with their organic social media marketing, aiming to showcase the vibrant culture and enriching activities within the school. Our strategy involved regular posts featuring on-going activities, engagement posts, and glimpses into the daily life of the school community.

Digital Evolution:

Over the past four years, our organic social media efforts have significantly elevated SSRVM School’s digital presence. We have cultivated an engaged online community, fostering a sense of transparency and connectivity among parents, students, and staff.

Engagement Tactics:

Our content strategy revolves around visually appealing photos capturing the essence of school life. Whether it’s highlighting academic achievements, extracurricular events, or showcasing the school’s values, our posts have consistently resonated with the audience. Interactive and informative engagement posts further contribute to a vibrant and participative online community.

Upcoming Enhancements:

As a testament to our evolving partnership, we are excited to announce an enhancement to our services. In the coming quarter, we plan to increase the monthly budget from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. This upgrade includes the addition of a valuable service – the creation of custom creatives tailored to SSRVM School’s unique identity and communication needs.

Add-on Service: Creative Design:

Understanding the growing importance of visually appealing content, we are introducing a creative design service as an add-on to our organic social media marketing package. This includes bespoke graphics, visually appealing templates, and branded creatives to enhance SSRVM School’s online aesthetic.

Anticipated Benefits:

By combining organic social media marketing with custom creatives, SSRVM School can expect an even more impactful digital presence. The enhanced visual appeal will capture the attention of the audience, reinforcing the school’s values and mission. This strategic evolution aims to further strengthen the school’s brand identity and foster increased engagement on social media platforms.

Future Outlook:

As SSRVM School continues to evolve in the digital landscape, our agency is committed to adapting and innovating our services to meet their growing needs. The forthcoming enhancements mark a significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration, reflecting our dedication to delivering value and ensuring SSRVM School’s sustained success in the online realm.